[emeyf-list] YFGM, Britain

Charlotte Wetton cwetton at qcea.org
Tue Mar 21 08:18:24 GMT 2006

Dear Friends,
YFGM (Young Friend's General Meeting, Britain) has sent me the minutes
and contact lists from their meeting in February. So if you need to get
hold of any office holders in Britain do ask. 
Please do send the EMEYF secretary similar things from your country so
EMEYF can keep people in touch with one another.
In Friendship
Charlotte Wetton
EMEYF Secretary
Quaker Council for European Affairs
Square Ambiorix, 50
B-1000 Brussels
emeyf at qcea.org
(0032) 02 23 43 06 2
Fax: (0032) 02 23 06  37 0

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