[emeyf-list] Britain Yearly Meeting 2007

Helen Percy hjpercy at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 22:13:00 BST 2007

Hi Jez,
I'm one the 'Many' Young Friends helping with the under 19 programme.
I'm with the under 11's so am based in Friends House.  Hope to catch
up with you, and the others around at some stage.

I'm considering trying to visit the wood in Surrey where I used to
work the day after Yearly Meeting.  As such I may be around on the
Monday afternoon.  I'd be interested in the party/ bbq plans.

See you soon


On 4/17/07, jez smith <discjez at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Greetings from London,
> There will be quite a lot of young Friends at Britain Yearly Meeting this
> year. Many are helping with the under-19s programme under the stewardship of
> Simon Best, another young Friend who is the coordinator.
> Others of us will be running the Young Friends General Meeting stall, where
> we will be raising awareness about our Meeting, selling copies of the
> brilliant magazine Young Quaker (only £1!), as well as raising awareness
> about our appeal for this year, Rewrite. We will also be selling a creative
> writing anthology, to raise funds for the appeal (only £5!).
> Four of us (me, Simon Latham and Laura Wirtz from YFGM and Wess Daniels from
> the US) will also be blogging about BYM as it happens. You can read our
> posts at http://britainyearlymeeting.blogspot.com where we
> have already introduced ourselves.
> If anyone wishes to take part in the blogging project, then drop me an
> email. Or, you can join in the action via your own blog or through flickr,
> by tagging your post or pic with
>  quaker.britainym
> and it will appear at:
> http://www.quakerquaker.org/events/2007-britainym/
> We bloggers will be touching base by being intermittently at the young
> Friends stall. We will also be at the stall of the Friend, because we have
> friends there too.
> And of course, there will be young Friends there, just to be!
> There will be a post-BYM party and barbecue at mine (south London) on the
> monday afternoon/evening (7 May), more details to follow nearer the time and
> not online (this is not a myspace party!), all Quakers welcome!
> Hopefully, see you there,
> in friendship,
> Jez
> http://quakerstreet.blogspot.com
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