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Fri May 1 22:39:23 BST 2015

Dear Friends,

At Spring Gathering 2015 we heard about Woodbrooke's Young Adult Leadership Programme. Tim Rouse and Jenny McCarthy, who both participated in this programme, and told us of their experiences. Michael Eccles, the programme's coordinator, is also eager to have more EMEYFers participate in it. From him a brief description:

The programme is now in its fourth year and there is a small, but growing, group of Young Adult Friends who have completed the programme – one of last year’s group said: YALP has exceeded every expectation, and has taken me on a spiritual journey of amazing, deep new friendships, inspirational teaching, and challenging introspection. The programme gives you the opportunity to develop a small learning community with other Young Adult Friends and consider topics such as Quaker history, Quaker processes, concerns, testimony, following  your leading, using Quaker values in the secular workplace, presentation skills, teambuilding and much more; and also an opportunity to work in the garden at Woodbrooke for half a day.  It is a part-time one year programme and consists of a 10 day residential 9-19 July 2015, a weekend of 5-7 February 2016 and then a final 7 day residential 17-24 July 2016.  The summer residentials overlap so you would be here with the previous group in July 2015 etc. 

As recorded in minute SG 2015/13, EMEYF wants to support its members who want to participate in this programme:

EMEYF will continue to make Young European Quakers aware of this programme and thepossibilities of receiving funding for it. To encourage and support, EMEYF will start tosponsor participants from European mainland for part of the costs of the programmeand support them in applying for other funding. Although we have been explicitly invitedto encourage YAFs from the mainland, naturally, our spiritual support and the offer tosupport funding applications at different Quaker bodies applies to British and IrishEMEYFers as well.We hope the participants who we sponsor will continue to be actively involved in EMEYF,so that their experience also returns into the wider community. We will offer allEMEYFers participating in the YALP spiritual support, before, during and after the actualcourse.Given our current financial situation, we are not able to cover the full cost of a mainlandEuropean participant. We therefore allocate up to 250 Euros to financially support oneparticipant of the 2015/16 course. We will reassess our possibilities at the 2016gathering.

If you want EMEYF to be your supporting organization for the 2015/2016 YALP or need our reference for YALP for another organization, please contact Esther (esther.koehring at gmail.com) or me soon. Be aware that the YALP applications close May 31st, and you would need to have supporting letters before that date.
There is more information about the programme here: www.woodbrooke.org.uk/pages/young-adult-leadership-programme.htmlAnd specific information about how to apply on this page: www.woodbrooke.org.uk/pages/yalp-apply.htmlAn online application form is here: www.surveymonkey.com/s/FHLFYVL
If you have more questions about the programme, email Michael Eccles, michael.eccles at woodbrooke.org.uk.
In friendship,Renke, EMEYF co-clerk 


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